Day: August 23, 2019

Turkey says one of its convoys was hit by an airstrike in Syria

Turkey’s Defense Ministry has condemned an airstrike in northwestern Syria that killed three civilians and injured 12 others on Monday. It said that the strike was launched at a Turkish convoy, though a Syrian opposition military commander and a Syrian opposition media activist said the strike hit a Syrian opposition vehicle traveling with the Turkish […]

Meditation and yoga practice linked to reduced volume in brain region tied to negative emotions

Meditation and yoga practice is associated with smaller right amygdala volume, a brain region involved in emotional processing, according to research published in Brain Imaging and Behavior. For their study, the researchers analyzed data that had been collected during the Rotterdam Study, an ongoing population-based study that has been conducted in The Netherlands since 1990. […]

PS5 patent leaked – is this our first look at the new PlayStation?

Depending on which leak you believe, the PS5 release date is either the 12th February 2020, or sometime in May. Or perhaps we’ll even be kept waiting until next November. Nevertheless, we’d be lying if we said that with each passing day – and with each fresh leak – our excitement wasn’t building. Now, a […]